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Dr. Greenthumb’s Cannabis Dispensary in Detroit, MI

From seriously G parents, to banging in the streets, to getting his homies to support his music career, B has always been one thing for sure….REAL. As lead vocalist of Cypress Hill, B and his group members were one of the first bands to rap almost exclusively about weed, and some of the first to embrace it publicly in a culture where it was still taboo. Whether they planned to or not, they started a revolution, and whether he wanted it or not, B Real became a celebrated godfather in the modern cannabis movement.

Originally launched in 2018 with a line of branded cannabis products, top-tier cultivation and a line of dispensaries throughout California, Dr. Greenthumb’s has rapidly expanded to offer more products to more communities. Through a vertically integrated culture, B Real with the DGT brand, bridges the gap between legacy cannabis, music, apparel, and the ideology that there is strength in being unapologetically YOU.

Truth be told, Dr. Greenthumb wasn’t supposed to be anything. Seriously. It was just a skit that turned into a song, which has now turned into a legacy dispensary and retail experience that offers the exact thing B has always looked for but never found anywhere else, an authentic experience with authentic individuals, great fucking weed, and an environment where you can feel free to not only be yourself, but express yourself.

About Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the largest major metropolitan city in the state of Michigan. The city is the original home to the iconic Motown Records, whose history of hitting the charts is showcased in its original headquarters, Hitsville U.S.A. It’s nickname is “Motor City”, due to its strong ties and history to the auto industry.

Elevation: 656′
Area: 139 mi²
Tax rate: 6%
Primary County: Wayne County

Things To Do In Detroit, MI
What is winter like in Detroit?
What is the Coldest Month in Detroit?
Interesting Facts

Motown Museum
The historic Motown Records headquarters and recording studio house this museum. You can view a vast array of historic corporate relics, pictures, outfits, and more. For anyone who wants to learn more about music history, this is an absolute must-see. Located at: 2648 W Grand Boulevard, 2648 Berry Gordy Jr. Boulevard.

Henry Ford Museum
The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation highlights the close relationship between Detroit’s automotive history and American history. This  immersive experience is ideal for anyone who is a car fanatic, and it makes a great family outing with plenty of activities for all members of the family.

“The Fist” of Joe Louis
“The Fist” monument, honoring the late professional boxer Joe Louis, is another iconic piece that shouts Detroit history. In honor of Joe Louis’s dedication to the battle for racial equality, the monument honors the force of his blow both inside and beyond the ring.

The Heidelberg Project
Artist Tyree Guyton founded The Heidelberg Project in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood in 1986. What was once a collection of abandoned lots and homes has been transformed into an amazing outdoor art show by the initiative, which uses objects like shoes, tires, clothing, and even TVs to create an ever-changing artistic experience.

Detroit Historical Museum
The Detroit Historial Museum, located in Midtown Detroit, is a one-stop shop for everything related to Detroit’s illustrious history, including fast cars and Motown music. For anyone looking to learn more about this amazing city, this is a terrific place to visit.

The average daily maximum temperature in Detroit during the winter is roughly 36°F, and 60% of the time it is gloomy or overcast.

The coldest month in Detroit historically is January. In Detroit, January 19–23 is often the coldest day of the year, with an average low temperature of 18.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Detroit is known as the “Motor City”.
– The Detroit River isn’t actually a river.
– Detroit is the largest city in Michigan.
– Kmart started in Detroit.
– Rosa Parks and Henry Ford had wakes in Detroit.
– Ice cream soda was invented in Detroit.
– The Marriott at Renaissance Center is the second tallest hotel in the entire continent. 
– Detroit is home to the world’s largest tire, at 80 feet tall and a staggering 12 tons.
– Detroit has a gang of renegade landscapers called the Mower Gang who beautify public spaces for free.

Driving Directions From Detroit, MI

1. Continue to I-375 N
2. Take I-75 N to Chrysler Dr. Take exit 59 from I-75 N
3. Take 8 Mile Rd E to your destination